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Vaid Raj Shree Chotelal Shyam Sundre Ayurved Chikitsa Kendra

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Who We Are and What We Do

Vaid Raj Chotelal with its vast history and experience of 70 years in Ayurvedic treatment perceives its equivalency to a holistic approach in harnessing for balance of human body towards health and balance. The choice of Vaid Raj Chotelal over the years in maintaining Ayurveda for disease management and wellness has been consciously preserved, protected and promoted through our services.

We utilize therapies, lifestyle changes and herbs to bring back the human rhythm. The knowledge and philosophy that “The Science of Life” carriers need a distinct and well thought direction, that Vaid Raj Chotelal has always maintained. Moving with a legacy of dynamic approach in Human healthcare and wellbeing, we take the “Science of Life” to everyone unreached before to develop a better and aware society about our age long therapies.


We offer services in various domain of Healthcare using Ayurvedic healing powers. We understand the ancient relics on Ayurveda and their importance as prevalent still and inculcate the preserved method for an improved health and lifestyle of people.


Run by the 5th generation of the family, which devoted 70 years to learning and practising Ayurveda, and making the society benefit from its healing powers. Vaid Raj Chotelal, has culminated in it, the essence of what Ayurveda stands for. Our Great grandfather, laid the foundation of Vaid Raj Chotelal to help people with health conditions, when the western medicine failed them. We carry the legacy with immence pride to continue helping people and spread awareness of the “Science of Life”.


Vaid Raj Shree Chotelal Shyam Sundre is a “Chikitsa Kendra” working with a mission to make a healthier, happier and balanced society. Ayurveda is all about balancing Mind, Body and Consciousness together, alongside understating how Vata, Pitta and Kapha play an integral part in body’s functioning. We use this methodology to bring back the balance that holds a human body.

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Our Services

The advent of social platforms has risen the need for an online presence. Vaid Raj Chotelal, marks the importance of this technology and offers our services 24X7. With a focus on health and happiness, by balancing human body, we consider how imperative it is to give the best of services to our clients. We offer healthcare services and set up camps for a wide range of medical conditions, our prime focus if on paralysis that affects various parts of human body.


Also referred to unilateral paresis, Hemiplegia is the paralysis of complete one side of the body. Most common type of Hemiplegia (Hemi means Half) is stroke, that can affect any part of the body, caused by the part of brain that gets affected.


The paralysis of legs in common terns is known as Paraplegia. The impairment is caused on the torso, legs or pelvic region. Though rare, it is due to the damage to vertebrae, ligaments or disks of the Spinal column.


Also refereed to as tetraplegia, is a paralysis affecting all the four limbs and torso, which starts below the neck, thus restricting movement of the entire body. It is generally caused by a damage to the spinal cord.


Commonly know as joint pain, Arthritis is joint inflammation resulting in various other joint related medical issues. It generally affects older people, but certain variant of Arthritis has been seen to affect the younger people. It cause pain and swelling in the joints, and over time makes them severely damaged.

Old Cold (Najla)

The allergic cold which causes running nose, frequent sneezing, nose block, redness of eyes, watery eyes, headache are the symptoms leading to Old Cold or Najla. The main cause of Old Cold is Pollen, dust, pollution.

Neurological Disorders

The medical disorders to the body affecting brain, spine and nerves that combines the nervous system, are Neurological Disorders. There are over 600 Neurological disorders that can be caused by minor or major disturbances to the Nervous System.


The inflammation of the outer lining of the abdomen is known as Gastritis. It causes pain in the stomach, nausea, vomiting. The main cause of this inflammation is an infection in the lining of the stomach.

Bell's Palsy

Commonly known as Facial Paralysis, it causes the facial muscles to temporarily lose control on the side of face that is affected.

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All Camp Details

We offer several treatments to create wellness among people, are enlisted below

Jhunjhunu Camp Details:

Address : Nathaji Tilla, Infront Of Yamuna Resort,Near To Netram Meghraj Girls College, Road No – 3, Bagad Road, Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan

Timing : Every Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Google Map Direction : 

Jaipur Camp Details:

Address :Plot No : 8, Sudha Sagar Colony, Hari Marg, Infront Of Malviya Convent School, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur, Rajastan

Timing : Every Tuesday : 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Google Map Direction : https://goo.gl/maps/kK29UsxrNdcrxkNr9 

Sikar Camp Details:

Address : Arnapurna Hotel, Infront Of Bus Depo., Sikar, Rajasthan

Timing : Every Month: 9th & 23rd – 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Google Map Direction : https://goo.gl/maps/g8qPi1DL9fd8HEnP8

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We are currently operating at Sujangarh, Rajasthan. Assistance will be available 24/7 for the treatment of diseases at listed.

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